A single platform to manage your social media job-ads and entire hiring process.

Source, Manage, Hire - all in one site. Simple!

Social Job-Ads

Link your Companies’ social sites to Seeker and promote your openings on your reliable Social Networks.

Source, be attractive, engage wider audience - easy as a breeze.

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Applicant Tracking System

Control your hiring process, have visual of candidates activities, test and interview talents everywhere with the support of AI.

Flexible and secure sourcing solution with team collaboration on smooth talent pipeline.

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Testing & Games

Build winsome tests that meet your needs. Use them as job-ads or during the selection process. Use premade innovative games to test and hire the best talent for the right roles.

Hiring is fun and you’ll receive a clear overview analysis on their competencies. Imagination has no limits!

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Video interviews

Automated interview: Prepare questions and send or post a link to your candidates. Responses will be automatically added to Seeker ATS and you can choose your time to watch and evaluate the recorded videos anytime and anywhere.

Live interview: Save yours and your candidates’ time and meet face-to-face online. Schedule fast, use prepared notes, add remarks and impression feedback during the interview. Meet individually or with a team across the world.

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Source, Manage, Hire - all in one site. Simple!

Some of our super awesome Friends

„Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

„I am very pleased with the experience. Seeker is an innovative, easy to use and thought-out video hiring solution. The environment supports the rapid process and saves time, and also offers an opportunity to conduct video interviews within the website. Super! We will definitely keep using it!“
Andrus Kahr
EDF Recruitment Center, leading specialist
„A great way to do the usual in a different way. Professional and intuitive environment and highly motivated support team. User-friendliness, speed, and personality are the main keywords ;)“
Triin Kristian
Duuoo, Customer Success

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