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Social Media Compliance Made Simple

Posting a job ads on your companies social media site has never been so easy. Once you create your account, you can choose the social networks you want to link to your seeker profile.

Post job ads

The interface is simple and let’s you create your own unique content to share with your audience and post a job-add by one click. Easy to navigate, looks simple, and can make your team more efficient. Seeker is definitely your key to manage social hiring fast and simple.

Use paid ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Seeker offers a variety of interesting features that boost your hiring to reach new limits. ​You have a change to set up your prefered budget and manage payments - directly on Seeker. All your applicants replies for the adds in social media, will come directly to your ATS and will be visible on your hiring pipeline.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is an excellent support for you to control your entire hiring process.

Keep track easily

ATS makes it really simple to manage your workflow and stay organized – you can store all the necessary informations in one place. Have a source to look for every step you make with a single candidate. Review all interaction, read your notes and set reminders so you never have to worry about missing an interview.

Design your own pipeline

Customized pipeline helps you visually track job openings and all the applicants with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI). You can add new pipeline stages and custom fields, switch off features you don’t need and use open API.

Let AI do all the work for you

You can trust Maxi (Seekers AI) to send out automated messages so that you can save your most valuable thing – time. Sync your email so we’ll connect them automatically with the contacts. Sending out automatic replies and different reminders is now a piece of cake!

Collaborate with team mates

Share your pipeline with co-workers and recruit the best talent as a team by discussing and evaluating candidates. Use ratings and write comments to have an excellent overview about the applicants.

Testing / Gaming

Screening applicants has never been easier

Use automated tests for screening applicants to optimize your recruitment process and to save your time to hire best talent. All applicants fills out the same test - comparable and immediate results.

Use existing or build your own test

We have worked out templates to smoothen your process. Customize them or leave as they are - you choose. Take full control over tests and ask your own questions. Powerful and adjustable test builder to cover all your needs. Multiple choice, text, picture or chart, IQ tests - just name it, we have it!

Suitable for every company and every job

Candidates can apply to an offer just with a test from any device. Results will be in your pipeline - all in one place. Make great impression with proven and fair process and easy analyze.


Hire the right people for the right roles with fun

Be special and innovative! Use videogames to measure and test candidates - cognitive style, memory, attention, task switching, flexibility and analytical thinking.

Engage more in the new way

Gamification makes your recruitment process more entertaining. Put them in real-life situations and find the perfect fit in the cool and fun way. Gamification is not the future of recruitment, it’s already present. Use gamification data to make smarter decisions and help talents understand what they do best!

Automated Interview

Save time and find the right match

Stop spending 30 minutes on the phone with candidates early in the process and start reviewing one-way video interviews at your leisure to learn more about the real person behind the CV in less time. The open format of the video pitch helps candidates truly express why you appeal to them as an employer, while allowing their personality to shine through.

No more hassle with scheduling the interviews

Set candidate meetings instantly with Seeker platform and never risk a poor candidate experience due to back-and-forth emails or multiple rescheduled meetings. Engage candidates with an easy to set up and structured interview in a fair and efficient process with increased validity. Candidates can answer video or text questions that you sent them with a video recording and have the flexibility to conduct their interview on any device and at a time that suits them best.

Review and evaluate - collaboratively

Responses will be automatically added to your ATS and you can choose your time to watch and evaluate the recorded videos anytime and anywhere. Capture instant feedback from hiring managers by sharing recorded video interviews with them. Make collaborative decisions about which candidates make it to the next round.

Live Interview

Broaden your talent pool

Expand your search for the perfect hire by interviewing non-local candidates on video and also save on travel expenses by decreasing or eliminating the number of candidates you fly in.

Live interviews anywhere

Gain all the insights of a traditional face-to-face meeting, but with the added benefits of a premium online environment that is built for recruitment. Meet candidates through your webcam individually or together with your colleagues - across the globe, without limits.

No need to download any software - simply launch your web browser and enter the interview. Use prepared notes and add remarks in the live environment during the interview.

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