Basic plan:

Career site hosting

Social Media compliance


Testing / Gaming

Video Interviews

Interview Scheduling

1 user per Company

Up to 5 Job-Offers

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In addition to Newbie:

Unlimited job offers

Team Collaboration - up to 5 members

Integration with your existing tools

Online training video

Access to talentbase

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In addition to Matchmaker:

Unlimited users

Personal API setup

Training for recruiters

Data Export

Personal customer support

Unlimited Talent Pools

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For talents and job seekers

Seeker platform is free of use - and always will be! If you choose, you may use your account as a personal Cloud database to store all your work related files, videos, portfolios etc.


You can upgrade your account anytime from private user to a company user, also you can switch between plans and upgrade as you wish. If you do not have a plan active, all your data will still remain and you have full access to it (only the functionality will be on hold).

For companies and talent seekers

Registering and creating a company profile in our platform is free! For a full-fledged use of Seeker web environment, you can choose an appropriate plan for you.


Pricing plans for companies/agencies are billed monthly with annual contract. For custom pricing please contact us to schedule online meeting and specify all the details for the best possible solution.